Your Top Work ABC’s

Your Top Work Abc's

It can be a fun exercise to reflect on your business ABCs. This is a great way for you to remember all the factors that contribute to a productive work environment. These points may be agreed or disagreed with by you, but we hope you enjoy reading and are inspired to share our thoughts.


AbilityThis is an important aspect of our work, especially when we are new to the situation or eager to impress bosses, clients, or colleagues. It’s important to not pretend to have the ability to do something. Instead, ask for help and be open about it. Sometimes it’s mutually beneficial to form a partnership if we lack some expertise.AlliancesBy collaborating with complementary businesses, we can expand the range of products and services that we are both able offer.

ApplicationMartin Luther King said that road sweepers should strive to be the best, regardless of whether someone throws trash on them. Daily satisfaction comes from being proud of what we do and doing it well. Enjoy a round of beverages, routine admin and signing that amazing contract.

AppraisalsThey are essential for all, regardless of whether they are part of a career path or on a more personal level. You should set aside time to reflect, goal setting, and recognition. Recognize your successes, as they are often overlooked or ignored. However, it is important to take the time to recognize areas where you may need some help. Set goals for the next level and make motivational plans.


BusynessIt can be tempting. It can be tempting to appear busy, successful, and in demand. However, being constantly busy and rushed can make you look disorganized and chaotic. Time management strategies such as lists, designated times for checking online and a commitment not to attend endless meetings are all good options. Let others help you and share your work load.

BreaksThey are an effective way to manage stress. This in turn will benefit your health, well-being, and clarity of thought. You’ll often be rewarded by new ideas and a new perspective upon your return.

Boundaries.It is important to be clear about why you work so hard. While it is great to have meaningful work, remember that your success depends on supporting your family, your children, and your lifestyle. You should allow yourself enough time to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies, and interests. If you are being asked for too much, you might need to be firm in your refusal.


Credit.You should give credit where credit is due to others and yourself. It is important to give credit and praise without conditions. Do not be afraid to highlight your achievements and allow others to appreciate your talents and accomplishments.

CourtesyGood manners are free, but they can make a huge difference in your relationships, reputation, and how you are perceived by others. It is important to be polite and respectful of the viewpoints of others, especially when it is difficult or stressful. People won’t remember what they did, or whether they were rude, angry, or offensive. But they will remember how you handled them.

CommunicateYou can be successful in all areas of your life. Provide networking opportunities, training sessions that refer to your products or services, and newsletters to keep clients and customers satisfied. These are all ways to keep your company in their minds and be seen as a supportive partner.

CherishYour family and friends. Keep in touch. It is easy to get distracted by information updates and lose touch with your feelings. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Nurturing good relationships can bring mutual support.

CompromiseBe open to meeting halfway. You may win the battle, but you will lose the war. It’s not worth the hurt and damage that can result from standing firm until the other person gives in. Everyone can feel that they have achieved something positive by reaching a compromise.

It is always a good idea to invest in different areas of your life. This will help you improve your quality of life, happiness, and overall health.

Susan Leigh, a long-established counsellor, hypnotherapist and writer, works with clients to address issues such as relationship conflict, stress management and assertiveness. She provides support and workshops for corporations as well as individual clients.

She is the author of three books: ‘Dealing With Stress, Managing Its Impact’, 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday and ‘Dealing With Death, Copingwith the Pain’. All available on Amazon with easy-to-read sections, tips, and ideas to help make you happier in your life.

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