Top 10 Tips to Survive The Coming Recession

Top 10 Tips To Survive The Coming Recession

We are getting closer to what could be one of the largest stocks market crashes in the history of the world. It will make the previous crash appear like the kind of picnic. You need to develop a strategy to avoid recessions for you.

We’ve seen before that financial institutions were destroyed in the crash that followed. This one is going to be even worse. All of this started in the beginning with the very first round of foreclosures on homes. It is only 1/5 of the way to clearing them from the books. There’s more to come.

However, the most serious unraveling is currently underway. This will be the commercial real property market. As more properties are put on lease and individuals seek out alternative jobs at home and businesses put their employees in homes to work, this market will turn into one of the tanks that fall out of the sky. Straight down.

The real unemployment rate in the US at the time of date is 17 percent. In California it is reported to be around 22 percent. This means that we could be headed for the edge, towards an even bigger crash than 1929. How can you keep yourself from falling with the ship?

Here are 10 ways to help you save bacon.

1. Buy Gold and Silver

While the Federal Reserve continues to print useless money that is with just a word of promise, that the USD continues to plummet in comparison to other currencies. Make sure you invest at least 10% of your money into precious metals now. It seems that the Perth Mint is “going crazy selling gold these moments. This is a warning to pay focus on as gold has been being at or around $1400, more than 500% in the last few years.

2. You can either or else, get out of the market or leave the

or be part of a group who understand how to benefit from this market whether it is either in bear or bull markets. If you’re relying on a rebound, you are likely to lose everything.

3. Do not trust your bank’s financial advisor.

If they had a clue about what they were talking about, they wouldn’t be employed at the bank on an income, usually an unpaid one. They sell products to big banks, who have a goal of earning money at your expense regularly. If you listen to a financial professional one, who’s being ripped off right now can be a your financial life is in danger.

4. Begin to learn about alternative investments.

The most successful in this field are typically expatriates or offshore professionals who are able to access a vast variety of banking services that are international in nature mixed currency investment strategies and funds. The majority of people living in Canada or the US or Canada won’t be aware about these possibilities. Certain are very high-risk and highly profitable. Find a peer-to-peer information sharing group and become informed.

5. Find out how to better understand the Forex market.

A lot of people die in this market when they attempt to trade without knowing. But there is an answer to this today with the help of trading robots. It is now possible to win in the market with only a few knowledge of trading. It is crucial to be aware of the basics, but there’s no longer has to be a master trader. Let robots handle everything. A majority of the best funds in the world depend on robots for the bulk part of the trade.

6. Don’t be a slave to paying off all of your credit right now.

It is better to use this credit wisely. It is to purchase items that quickly pay for the cost that you owe on your credit. If you are unable to do that, then, yes, you should repay your credit since it’s a drain. In my private club I show people how to get access to huge amount of credit from corporations, while limiting their liabilities. Keep in mind that billionaires typically have more credit than the middle or poor. They make use of banks’ cash as a cheap source of capital investment to construct assets that generate cash flow, and can easily pay any debt obligations. Credit is a vital ingredient to your survival IF it is used to purchase ASSETS and not LIABILITIES. If you could earn 40% per year in return on your investments (easily feasible without excessive risk taking) and even a percent annual rate of debt servicing results in 20% per year of revenue. Consider credit as a means to build wealth, not as a way to have an occasional thrill.

7. If you’re a homeowner and you are at the brink you might want to negotiate with your bank for a more flexible payment.

If you’re in trouble and would like to remain at home, you can find other individuals who have lost homes to and might be able to share it with. Many people do not think of this possibility. The majority of homes are huge and sharing the home for a few months or even years could be one decide between losing your home and maintaining it.

8. Don’t save money just to save it.

Savings is locking into losses automatically. Your savings are losing value every day, and inflation is consuming the gains that you made. You should have at least six months of savings for the event of an emergency, and, of course, some silver and gold. Find out ways to make more than 10% per year. Your search should be concentrated on gains of 30 to 100 percent per year. Impossible? Not at all. When the market was in a state of collapse, the best traders in the world (who are willing to take clients) were earning as much as 300% gains over the course of a year. All you need is to know where they are.

9. Start getting internet smart.

There are approximately two BILLION online users (hungrily seeking details) on the internet, with one million users signing up every day. These are potential contacts. Anyone with a large number of web network will enjoy huge advantages over the rest of us. There’s a lot to learn about making an income on the internet. Begin today. Be prepared to take risks and make mistakes. Your success will be built on these.

10. Do not rely on either business or the government to save you from this situation.

The only way to be able to survive the next few decades is by thinking out of the box, get educated and establish a strong network both online and within your local community.

The world as we are aware of is set to end abruptly. But, there is plenty of chance to be gained from this because the new world of tomorrow is also emerging. The people are getting the information they need from range of sources today and aren’t being controlled by the corporate-controlled media in the same way as they used to be in the past.

This is the reason it is called “programming”! It is you who are who is being programmed! Free yourself from the program and explore alternative methods to improve your wealth, health and wisdom, and your circle of like-minded acquaintances. It will get you through this difficult moment.

Wayne Nash is a semi-retired investment professional, Forex trader, and an online entrepreneur with more than 15 years of coaching, online marketing and investment experience. He provides a vast international investor network that spans almost every country on earth. Wayne is fluent in Japanese and has been living within Japan since 1985. He has a part of the time in his home country of BC of Canada.

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