The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Point of Sale System

The Top 10 Reasons You Need A Point Of Sale System

10. Employers are yours.

If you have employees, you are vulnerable to Theft, sweethearting and negligent errors. You require effective points of sale program that will supervise those who work for you to enforce your policy and ensure that the money is returned to you.

9. Pricing or Math Errors.

It’s incredible that a lot of restaurants still employ a calculator as well as hand-written tickets. According to research done by various institutions, you’re susceptible to pricing and math errors that exceed one per cent of your annual revenue. If a restaurant is operating just $1300 per day, that could be $4,700 a year. (Less than the cost of our two-terminal Sweet Deal Package) To avoid math and pricing mistakes, you require a point-of-sale system.

8. Time In Attendance.

Payroll for employees is among the least understood and manageable parts of your profits and losses report. When you employ 12 people, and each gets up 5 minutes early every day, this amounts to one hour per day of pay. Even with the minimum wage plus benefits, this can add up to between $6 and $8 per day, or more than $2,900 in a year. This number doesn’t consider the number of hours it takes to calculate time cards and then calculate the hours of work for each employee. This is time you could have spent elsewhere. If you are a business with as few as five employees, you’ll require the points of sale.

7. The reduction of Theft.

This was the primary motive behind the creation that was the first cash register in the early 1800s. In the days when many enterprises were owned by families and managed, there was a need for a money register to prevent the possibility of Theft. With the current trend of hiring employees to staff and run your business, there is a more need for this kind of control. Since the beginning, we’ve been aware of the behaviour of individuals in relation to Theft. 10% of people would not steal if given an opportunity. 10 % of people will take advantage of the opportunity regardless of what security measures are put in place. 80percent of people are likely to steal if they have the chance. Point of sale systems is designed to protect against the majority of the people of people who steal and make it harder for them to rob you.

6. The Speed at which Service is provided.

There’s only one thing we are able to think of that could turn away customers quicker than lousy food, and it is poor Service. If a customer makes an order, their internal clock goes into overdrive. It doesn’t matter how long it spent looking through the menu, and then place an order when they’ve handed your cashier or your server their payment; their hunger clock is accelerating faster than a fan operating on high! It is essential to have a quick, reliable and secure method to bring the orders into your systems. This means the terminal is speedy and easy to comprehend. It should also be responsive to the input of a cashier, server, or bartender. The system should also disperse the order in a proper manner to the kitchen bar or prep station. Your point of sale software will also be able to measure the speed of Service and provide a report on how well you’re doing. Reduced time to provide your customers with their food is crucial and could even help compensate for less quality. To prove this, I’ll show you some of the biggest fast-food chains. Are they renowned for the most flavorful, best dressed and served food or customer service speed? If you’re looking to improve your customer service, you’ll need an automated point of sale system.

5. Improved Reporting.

What’s the point of having a computer but not making use of its power? If all you require is a complete quantity of money in your drawer, which sometimes is equal to the sales figures, there is no need for an automated point of sale system. If you’re looking for more information and detail to manage your business and increase its profitability, then you should consider an automated Point of Sale system. There was a time when having a great product could keep you going. Today, it requires more knowledge to be competitive with other restaurants in your area, which are all seeking the same customers that are sitting in your restaurant. It is essential to know the purchasing habits of your patrons. What do they want to purchase? When will they be ordering it? What is your most successful product? What percentage were you able to sell? What menu items do you not sell? If you are unable to answer these questions confidently in your answers, then you’ll need an automated Point of Sale system. If you are hesitant to answer (without making assumptions about) one of these questions, you will require a point sale system.

4. Exporting Data to Other Systems.

Many small-scale businesses use some electronic accounting, whether in their operations or through an accounting company. Furthermore, many firms have an online payroll system or software that generates payroll. The point of sale system collect crucial data for you and then export the data into formats that can automatically insert the information into payroll and accounting programs which eliminate hours of manual input that can lead to errors and human error. If you are using an electronic payroll or accounting software or Service or even are looking to record your sales using Excel, then you require the point of sale software.

3. Integrated Credit Cards.

If you’re not making use of credit cards as a means of payment, you should begin today. Don’t be concerned about the costs. A loss in business you’re suffering in the current modern economy that is based on plastic will be more than compensating for the charges. If you’re currently processing credit cards using a standalone terminal, you may be paid exorbitant charges for the terminal, even though you are processing their transactions through your point of sale system. In some instances eliminating the rental of the terminal will cover the cost of the credit interface for credit cards in less than one year. When you integrate credit card processing, you can be sure that the amount paid for the sale will be matched to the amount of charge on your credit card. This removes the need to return and match sales for each transaction in the event that the credit card batch doesn’t match transactions made with credit cards. With high-speed Internet connections are utilized to process credit card transactions, we can approve transactions within less than two seconds. There is no longer a need to make slower speeds of Service a reason not to accept credit cards. If you wish to swiftly, effectively and efficiently process credit cards, you require the point of sale.

2. Competitive Marketing.

a. Frequent Diner Modules. Who are your clients? What are they buying? What are their visits to you like? From your regular visitors, have they not been to see you over the last month? If you have frequent guests, which one has a special occasion that is coming up in the month of March? These are all questions you need to know the answers to. All major chains and all your competitors are looking for patrons who frequent your restaurant. They want to steal the customers to themselves. What can you do to be able to compete in the midst of billions invested in luring your customers away? Through marketing your business and the menu. Point of sales systems must be capable of managing your client base, monitoring their habits of buying as well as how often they come to your store and when they last visit, and what special occasions are coming up. The point-of-sale program must be able to categorize the customers into groups, which can be notified via mailers, coupons, invitations to special events, or to tell them that they are valued and invited to come back for a second time. If you are competing, you will require effective points of sale program.

b. Gift cards are the norm for many companies in the present. A whole industry was built around the idea of presenting a paper certificate. Nowadays, you can find gift cards on all the major check-out lines. Point of sale systems will be able to allow you to sell, redeem, and manage balances for your personal Gift card programs. There is no longer a need for an inventory of gift cards that you keep in a safe. Nowadays, all you require is a pile of blank plastic cards bearing your distinctive logo. They are not able to carry a value and carry no value until they are sold, and there is no balance credited to the account. As a car owner, you must keep one or two of these cards on hand. Each card could have a tiny amount of balance to distribute to attract customers into your establishment or give out in the event of a bad customer experience to bring them back. Consider these cards as an individual marketing tool. If a customer opens their wallet or purse and sees your company’s logo, they’ll be reminded of why they should come to you. If you sell vouchers for gifts or cards, you require a point of sale system.

1. You do Not need Any More “Partners ‘.

Yes, you’ll have to purchase gift cards. You must know your customers’ buying habits. It is essential to integrate credit cards with the point-of-sale system. You require enhanced reporting and exporting these reports to accounting software or payroll systems. It is essential to eliminate mistakes as well as reduce the number of mistakes and track your payroll. However, more than all of this, you’re not going to need any additional partners. Particularly those who receive part of the profit before you can get yours. These are the bartenders, servers, waitresses and cashiers that:

It is a in order to undercharge customers, to increase their tips. Display a $5 tab and an additional $50 tip. (Yes, I’ve witnessed this!)

b. Decide to void or remove an item following the time it has been purchased.

C. Stuff coupons in to the cash drawer to exchange them in cash.

D. Don’t charge your customers for soft drinks to increase the tips they receive.

e. Ring to serve a cheaper item (well label) then serve it with a more price product (premium brand)

F. Offer discounts to friends.

G. In the buffet line and ring up the buffet and tea. Print this ticket ten times before selling and take back these duplicate receipts instead of ringing new customers.

If you’re planning to stay in business, you require a practical point of sale system.

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