Ten Tips for Effective Hiring

Ten Tips For Effective Hiring

Economic downturns have caused corporate restructuring and a lot of people are looking for jobs. This is certainly increasing the number of applicants, however it also means you must be more cautious when selecting the new employees you hire. The stakes are very high and hiring mistakes can be extremely costly.

There are many methods that you can employ in this moment to improve the efficiency of your selection and recruitment performance. They include:

Learn about the impact of your job

Be sure to review the duties and responsibilities for each position and make sure the job is still in line with your company’s primary goals. This is especially crucial in the event that you’ve recently done any restructuring or downsizing.

Make sure you are using a consistent search procedure

the increase in number of applicants in a competitive marketplace is also causing increased competition. In this type of scenario you could encounter many complaints about the your process. Make sure that your strategy and procedure is uniform so that all candidates are treated with respect and in the same way. It’s not the right time to file a discrimination lawsuit.

Engage the right people

While human resources may provide the initial support, management reporting to them should take part in making decisions about the ultimate outcome. They are the ones who know these roles the best and are aware of the abilities and skills of the ideal candidates.

Learn how to train your interviewers

Most managers aren’t involved in regular interviewing and, therefore, must be involved in the process of preparing the questions. They need to be aware that the questions shouldn’t violate human rights. They must also be educated on how to formulate specific questions about behavior that are relevant to their job.

Avoid little side notes

In the event of a human rights lawsuit concerning discrimination in the hiring process, you could be required to file all your interview notes. So, a few nitpicky remarks on your interview sheets such as “the old guy with the missing teeth” will not suffice.

Find the right person for the job.

Sometimes, organizations prefer internal candidates. However, during times of change that may not be the best option. Candidates from outside can provide innovative ideas to your company and this could be the best way to stay ahead in the current fast-changing world.

Utilize assessment instruments

Apply a leadership and communication style assessment tool to all of your candidates. These tools can help find and confirm the best candidates and provide suggestions that will allow interviewers to delve further into the credentials of the candidate.

Conduct comprehensive references

It is becoming harder to find references from previous employers because of the threat of being sued. Also, at the top stage, a lot of candidates don’t want their current employers to know that they are looking for work. In addition it is essential. Hire only those whose credentials are confirmed.

Make sure that market-based compensation is guaranteed

It’s probably been a while since you’ve checked the salaries of other workers in the market. Although the large number of applicants can result in a decrease in salaries but there are many fields available which aren’t in high demand and are thought of as “hot jobs” where salaries are overinflated. Keep in mind that “You get what you pay” is true for applicants as well.

Give immediate guidance

the first 90 days of every job is crucial. It is essential that new employees have someone to assist in introducing them to the company. If the position is that of one of a new CEO, make sure that the board or any other important stakeholder has contact with the individual for at minimum six months. Statistics have proven that new CEOs typically last for 18 month… ensure that it doesn’t happen to your company.

The process of creating a consistent strategy for recruitment and creating interview questions is not an easy task. If you’ve not had any previous experience in this area or you haven’t conducted an look-up for a while and you’re not sure if you’ll be matched with the incorrect candidate. The consequences of hiring mistakes can be costly. Contact us for assistance.

Paul Croteau, managing partner Paul Croteau, managing partner of Manitoba’s top executive search specialists. More over 25 years’ experience working in selection of senior management and executive leadership professionals form the basis of his long-standing reputation of developing a profound understanding of the needs of his clients which allows him to deliver superior service and be able to tackle the difficult task of matching the ideal executive to the client’s requirements for business.

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