Relationships Are Money

Relationships Are Money

Why are you not following up on new contacts made at networking events? Let me be honest with you – I am a person who loves. It doesn’t really matter what you answer to this question, because there is no excuse not to follow up. There are no excuses. Networking success is all about following up. You don’t have to meet people to be successful at networking.

It is crucial to follow up. Many holistic therapists find it difficult to follow up despite all the excuses. These reasons include not knowing how or lack of time.

Here are a few steps I use, along with some follow-up scripts. These steps can be used with email or handwritten notes. These will make it easy for you to follow-up with new contacts, so there’s no excuse. These can be put in your own words. These are ideas.

This is the step-by-step format for following up:

1 – Meet a person/attend an event

2 – Ask lots of questions about them and listen attentively

3 – Write special notes on the back of the card

Find out who’s who in

Type A Referral partners, and Perspective clients now

Type B Perspective clients who might become valuable contacts down the road, but not immediately

Type C A nice person with whom you won’t do business.

1 – Follow up within 2-3 Days to initiate a coffee date. Think of it as a relationship-building date, not a sales call.

2 – Request a friend request via Linked In, Facebook or Twitter

3 – Schedule meeting

4 – Thank you for meeting with us – send an email thanking them.

Following up scripts:

Follow up with a quick nice-to-meet note for those who you don’t want to do business with (you never know who they might know!)

Type B and C

Follow-up template for your B & C list. These are people you want to keep in touch with, even if you don’t know if they are a potential client. These are the people you are most interested in. It’s just possible that you don’t know the right place to find it. These people may be valuable contacts in the future but not immediately.

Here’s how to do it:


Jackie McKay is my name. I met you at the chamber the other day. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed our conversation and it seems like you are doing well.

It was a pleasure to meet you.


Follow-up Template for “A List” Contacts (those who may become new clients or refer partners right now):


Jackie McKay is my name and I was the holistic therapist who met with you at the chamber event. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed our conversation, and I would love to learn more about your work.

I would like to meet up for a quick cup coffee. If I meet someone who might benefit from your services, I will point him to you. What does Tuesday morning sound like?

It was great to talk with you again. Please let me know if I can assist your business in anyway.


Your Assignment:

Ask lots of questions and be genuine at networking events. Get out your cards. Then, either create your own follow-up script or use the one I have provided.

Jackie McKay is a Prosperous Practice Mentor. She teaches soul-inspired natural healers the heart-centered HOW TO to overcome entrepreneurial fears, attract ideal clients, make more money and establish a name in their purpose-centered healing practice.

Jackie is the founder of The Prosperous Practice Roadmap, a program that blends universal and spiritual principles with smart marketing tips. This program helps service professionals attract new clients and makes them more money.

She is a former hotel marketing manager, a faculty member at Foothills College of Massage Therapy, and a holistic entrepreneur. For 9 years she has been a holistic entrepreneur. Through years of practicing full-time and studying A Course in Miracles, she has developed a deep understanding of heart-centered business and spiritual growth.

“Entrepreneurship offers the fastest and most profound path to spiritual growth. Jackie says it is aligning your purpose in life with a business idea that is so meaningful that you must do it, despite any fears or childhood wounds.

Jackie speaks at live events and via teleseminars to Natural Health Practitioners around the world.

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