Nine Benefits of Web Blogging for Small Businesses

Nine Benefits Of Web Blogging For Small Businesses

Many small business owners ask me: “Should we create a blog?” Or, you could say “I’m too busy.” What should I write about?

My business has seen the benefits of blogging in building trust, reputation and website visitors. This is what I have used to increase sales. I’m not the only one. Blogging is a great way to promote your services and provide valuable information. Clients have told me they have generated business through it.

What is blogging? The short form of blog is web log. It is a regularly updated section on your website. This is where you can share useful information about your industry, passions, and business. You should be consistent and consistent but not push yourself too hard. Start small by writing one blog post each week or month, or hiring someone to do it for your benefit. Then build from there.

Why bother?
These are the nine benefits of creating a blog to promote your business. Be sure to pay attention to the bonus tips towards the end.

1. Establish trust.Which people or organisations do you choose to do business? People and organisations you trust, like, or know well are the best. Blogs can make your brand more human by allowing you to voice your opinion on issues that matter to your prospects. Your expertise and passions will make you more familiar so that people remember you when they decide to buy.

2. Grow your audience.Your blog can help you build an audience before you start a business. Once you have a niche following, it’s possible to monetise products and services.

3. Increase search engine visibility and website visitorsGoogle values fresh content and will reward your site with more visibility. It’s similar to fishing: The more hooks you place in the water, the better your chances of catching fish. Google indexes more pages if you have more content.

4. You can be a subject matter expert.Your industry’s credibility will increase if you post insightful, useful, and quality content. You’ll be able to get attention for trendsing searches if your posts are timely or news-related.

5. Market research.In the comments section of your blog, you can request feedback. This will help you improve your writing skills and give you valuable insight into what people are looking for. This information will help you create products and services people want.

6. Subscribe to our newsletter.Many small businesses send out a newsletter every week, fortnightly or monthly. Your most popular content will be appreciated by your readers.

7. Social media strategy.While sharing content from other sources is great, you should eventually direct people to your site. You can provide high-quality, regular content on your social media channels by maintaining a well-maintained blog.

8. 8.Hubspot reports that businesses who prioritize blogging see a 13-fold increase in their ROI year after year. Businesses with 401-1000 pages or more of content receive six times the leads as those with 51-100 pages. These leads could become long-lasting customers.

9. Great for networking.Blogs can help you reach potential customers, clients, and business partners. This can lead to consulting and speaking opportunities.

Bonus tips
1. It can be integrated.Your blog should be on the same domain and labeled on your homepage.

2. Keep it.A blog that is active shows that your business is healthy and alive. You can take down your blog or remove the publication date if you are unable to maintain it.

3. It’s not all about you.Your customers are your focus. Be a person of value. Perhaps it’s a book that gives you insight. Perhaps it’s something you learned at a conference. Talking about your products and services too often is a sure way to turn off potential customers. Your blog should instead be a valuable resource that offers relevant and unique information to readers.

Some examples:

  • A hairdresser might blog about current styling trends
  • A real estate agent might write about selling your house and the best areas in the area.
  • A physiotherapist might write about the best exercises to do in the office.
  • A coffee shop could inform customers about the origin of their coffee
  • A make-up artist might offer tips for how to prepare for a night out
  • A marketing company might blog about current social media trends.

Your business can stand out by blogging. Your unique insights will increase search traffic, customer trust and ultimately sales.

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