How To Write A SEO Optimized Post – For Beginner Bloggers

How To Write A Seo Optimized Post For Beginner Bloggers

In this blog article in this blog post, I’ll teach you a basic method of how to create a SEO-friendly article for your blog. I’ll simplify it and will assist you tremendously for those who are new to blogging.

If you’re a seasoned blogger, this information might not be something you’ve heard before since you’ve probably have implemented SEO strategies on your blog. But, do enjoy this article too.

I implemented a fairly simple strategy for SEO optimize blogs the majority times, and I’m enjoying great result through the SEO efforts. I’ve had people call me to inquire about my business. I also got partnerships through bloggers who came across me on Google. I’ll tell you my experience.

1. Pick Your Keyword.

You can look up popular keywords with the help of Google Keyword Tool. Select keywords that are specific instead of generic ones. Example of General Keyword = “Compensation Plan”. Example of Targeted Keyword = “Best MLM Compensation Plan In The World”.

It is much easier to rank for specific keywords than generic keywords. The keywords you’ve looked up and would like to use is your primary search term.

2. Put Your Keyword In Your URL Post Permalink.

In every blog post you’ll be required to add the URL of your blog post.

As an example I’m using’seo optimized posts’ for my website’s permalink. Use only the keyword that you’d like to optimize. Do not put the entire title as the URL.

3. Insert Your Main Keyword Into Your Title. As Front As Possible.

Make it the first thing to be mentioned and then come up with a catchy blog post’s title, too. For instance, “Best MLM Compensation Plan – Where To Find It? “

4. Adding Main Keyword Into Post Content

Include your primary key word in the first 50 to 100 words.

For the remainder of your passage, do not spam your primary keyword in a mass manner. It is advised to only put at least three main keywords to your text. Start with one at the beginning and one in the middle and another towards the conclusion of the article.

The repetition or mass spamming of the main keyword can cause your blog to be disqualified by Google. It doesn’t take a hundred repetition of your keyword to be ranked by Google.

Note: Write your post for Human at first and Spiders later. Incorporate your main keyword within your blog post and make your article easy to read. Do not write just for the sake of being rank, and don’t forget about the person who reads your article.

5. Link your primary keyword to A URL.

Do include your keywords in your post least to an URL. Of course, you’d like to link the keyword to a pertinent url of your own. However, you might also want to hyperlink it to other urls.

6. Use All-In-One SEO Plugin.

If you’re on WordPress then you’ve utilized this plugin, called All-In-On and SEO that greatly helped you make your blog posts appear on search engines. There are three sections that you need to complete.

7. Publish and Ping

Create a blog post, the Ping it with Ping-o-matic to notify search engines of your latest blog post. The search engines will then forward their “spiders” to look for your content.

Make sure to ping you every time you post a blog post.

Input the Title to your blog’s post. URL for your post as well as the RSS feed of your blog.

After that, select all Ping options, finally Ping it!

This is what it is!

This is only the basic steps of how to write a SEO optimized blog post if you’re not familiar with blogging. There are many advanced SEO methods and techniques to help you optimize your blog post even more. We will discuss these next time.

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