Embedding or Self-Hosting a Video – What Is the Best?

Embedding Or Self Hosting A Video What Is The Best

Now that you have found the perfect video for your business, it is time to make it available on your website. You have two options: either hosting the video yourself, or embedding it from a platform like Dailymotion, Vimeo, or YouTube. Which is the best option for you? These are the questions you should ask.

Copyright issues:

Self-hosted videos are yours and no one can steal them without violating copyright. It is also more difficult to download a video from a self-hosted player than an embedded player.

An embedded video means that your video can be used by anyone else. If they feel you are violating the law or breaking the rules, the hosting platform may suspend your video. You should also remember that individuals could download your video, even if you have requested it not to be. The platform owner may eventually decide to ban your video from certain areas. This could pose a problem for your business.

Self-hosting 1 to 0 Embedding


Youtube sometimes displays unwanted ads at your video player’s bottom. Youtube may think you are using music or images that are not your own. A video hosted by you means that there is no risk of an advertisement affecting your message. YouTube’s annoying ads can be avoided if you have the rights to the images and the soundtrack.

2 Embeddings – Self-hosting

The Audience

If you’re SEO-crazy, sharing and liking are now vital. If you embed a video on a platform, all the likes and sharing will go to that platform rather than your website. However, self-hosting your video will keep you away from the huge audience that video platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube offer.

Your video will be more likely to be shared and seen on social media. You must use the correct keywords and title. This is key. Don’t forget the comments section with product or business descriptions. This will ensure that your company is benefited from all the sharing and liking.

Self-hosting 2 or 3 Embedding

The Play

Your communication strategy may include how your player appears on your website. With a self-hosted web video, you can choose from many options.

Consider the loading times of embedded videos versus those of self-hosted videos. Why is YouTube and Dailymotion so quick to load? These companies spend millions of dollars on research and development to improve their technology.

Self-hosting 2 to 4 Embedding

Hosting free or paid?

YouTube, Vimeo, and other hosting platforms are all free. Although the player isn’t very attractive, a little javascript code can improve its appearance.

If you decide to host your videos yourself, remember that they take up a lot of space. Your hosting provider will bill for the storage.

Self-hosting 2-5 Embedding

Although embedding a YouTube video on a website seems like the best way to present it, this all depends on how you plan to use the video and what its main purpose is.

Anne NGB, a SEO specialist at WebVideos Ltd in London, is the author of this article.

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