Cover Bands – Theme Ideas For Corporate Events

Cover Bands Theme Ideas For Corporate Events

We were surprised at the top themes for corporate events. We expected to see dance, costume, or period themes as the most popular themes. However, that idea fell apart when we discovered that the biggest themes for corporate events had to do more with memorable music and action-taking slogans. These ideas may shock you, but we are going to follow them anyways.

1 – Make it Happen Monday

This concept might be easier if you are in business. Everyone arrives feeling like their dog died, hates their alarm clock and begs for another chance at the coffee shop. It’s only a matter of time that “Monday morning became all that I hoped it would… ” Can you picture a cover band performing popular songs from the 1960’s to promote your Make It Happen Monday Corporate Event?”

2 – Partners of Excellence

Your business might be able to help bring co-workers into the forefront of your business’ success team by launching a partnership, pairing program. They might even understand the concept better if they start it off with some country swing. With a Connect Two theme, country-style dance and corporate partners joining the dance floor, teams of two can encourage their partners to join them in business. Do you want to take two steps around the dance floor with me?

3 – Got Momentum

You can jazz it up with some positive momentum to inspire, innovate, and launch big business development with a corporate team full of go-getters who are motivated to reach their goals with enthusiasm. A jitterbug contest and jazz tunes might be the perfect motivator for your team.

4 – Great Expectations

Your expectations of greatness may increase if you can arrive with the man wearing a black limousine, dance the night away in white ballroom gowns, and depart with the man wearing a black leather bow tie. Why not? Invite your team to arrive in white gowns and black ties. Each woman should be presented with a white rose. One exception: She will get a red rose. At the end of the evening, you’ll find out that she is the highest-achieving member of your sales team for the month. Corporate events allow everyone to be their best. Why not showcase your top performers at your event! Why not?

5 – Do not Stop Believing

Take a trip back in time to a small town girl, a night train, the scent of cheap perfume and wine, and the belief that she can accomplish anything. Anything she hears… The corporate team is motivated to achieve greatness, and the cover band plays Journey tunes.

6 – California Dreaming

A cover band featuring dancers and surfin’ sand will play Beach Boys songs. Sing along to the tunes and inspire your team to California dreams of working, living, and being a business owner.

7 – Shoot for the Stars Showtime

This is your dream team. The night is dark, cloudy, with stars shining above the ballroom. The cover band plays the dreamy, misty songs of your youth. It’s a romantic evening for couples who share the same dream of achieving greater goals, leading in excellence and reaching their highest achievement. The Best Showtime Band hosts the evening in style. This corporate event is one to remember.

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