7 Ways to Make a Lasting First Impression on Facebook

7 Ways To Make A Lasting First Impression On Facebook

Consumers often search the internet for information when they are considering buying a product. Many social media profiles rank high in search results for brand names. Your Facebook page will be seen by consumers before your website. This should be enough to show you how important social media is in building trustworthiness and establishing a brand. Social media channels can also be used as search engines. Many consumers use Facebook and other social media channels to do their research.

Social media, while your website may contain information about your products and services, can help you build trust with your customers by allowing you to show your consumers the real company behind the ads.

Each of these tactics is easy and simple, but when you look at the whole effect, you’ll see how Facebook Pages can help consumers trust you and make them feel like you’re the right choice.

1.Verify your page

Facebook used to only allow celebrities and big brands to verify their pages. This would have made it easier for you to recognize that they were real people or brands and not imposters. You can now get verified if your company is legitimate. To prove that you are a legitimate business, you will need to provide a business phone number and a utility bill indicating the business name.

2.Personal branding

When creating your page, make sure you use your branding elements. Be consistent with your style, color scheme, logo.

3.About page

This is where you can express your core values and inform consumers about important information about the company. You can include links to other social media accounts and specific products.

4.Demonstrate some personality

Social media isn’t about selling products or services. It’s all about engaging with potential or current clients. Demonstrating product demos, behind-the scenes images or videos, as well as pets and family members, can show that the brand is real.

5.Incorporate brand influencers

Do you know the people everyone knows? If possible, tag them in your posts or include photos of you with them.Only if they are known. Tag influencers you respect, not just random people. They could block your account. This will bring new people to your page.

6.Share your good news

Were you mentioned in the news or wrote about it? Share it with your followers so they can join in the excitement.

7.Facebook Live

This is a huge opportunity and it’s only going to get bigger. Your followers will see that you are a real person behind the brand, and they will be able interact live with you. Facebook Live videos have a greater organic reach than recorded videos.

You can make a great first impression with social media.

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