7 Simple Steps to Planning and Achieving Your Business Bold Goals

7 Simple Steps To Planning And Achieving Your Business Bold Goals

Setting goals is an integral part of business success.

Goal setting can also be frustrating or exhilarating. It all boils down to your attitude, and the good news? That’s your choice.

Have fun while achieving bold goals one by one. Take some time now to think about what you want to accomplish next. Then follow these simple steps to plan your next bold goal.

STEP 1 Determine the next goal for your business

You’re likely to have a lot of ideas and options for moving your business forward if you’re like most entrepreneurs. This is often where the problem lies with goal setting. Choosing which goal you want to achieve first.

Before you start, make a list of them all and then decide which one you want to focus on. You can leave the rest of the list alone until they take their turn.

STEP 2 Make your bold goal statement

It should only take a few minutes to complete. These are the key elements. It’s as easy as it sounds.

  • Bold is what excites you
  • Realistic – It is not impossible to reach, but it is not too far.
  • Specific – This will ensure that you know the outcome of your project and when it is completed
  • Set a deadline so that you can plan the steps towards completion

STEP 3 Discover your why

You will not be able to take action without the motivation to achieve your goals. Before you can even start, you need to be clear about what will happen once you achieve your goal. What are the benefits and value you get from achieving your goal? Now, take a moment to list them all.

STEP 4 Broken it down

You should brainstorm all the steps that you will need. Break it down, starting with the first step. This will help you avoid overwhelm. Focus on the what, and forget about the how. This will only slow you down.

This will help you to identify the resources and support you need, and allow you to address these issues later.

STEP 5. Put it on your schedule

You must make sure that you have a calendar for each step if you want to achieve your bold goal. You will be able to stay focused and move towards your bold goal. This will let you know if you are taking too long or too little time for each step. You can make adjustments easily.

STEP 6 Get into action

Although it sounds logical, you will never be able to move forward if you don’t take the first step. It’s easy to complete each step and then move on to the next until your goal is reached.

STEP 7 Celebrate

Entrepreneurs make the most common mistake of not celebrating the accomplishment of a bold goal. You can’t fail to acknowledge and reward your team members for their hard work. Recognize your accomplishments and give yourself a pat on the back.

You should actually make this a pre-step before you take the first step. Decide what your bold goal is. Make a reward that is juicy and put it on your vision board. Then, take the first step. Get started now!

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