3 Common Investment Banking Interview Questions That Make Finance Candidates Fail

3 Common Investment Banking Interview Questions That Make Finance Candidates Fail

The process of interviewing is the main element that determines whether or you’re selected for an investment bank job. Your career could be based on the outcome of your interview with an investment banker. Below are three questions If you answer incorrectly could result in you failing your interview.

Question #1 Uncertain what the work involves.

The most serious mistake you could make when interviewing for an investment bank position is not knowing the specific requirements for the job. This is like applying for a job as an NASCAR Stock car driver, and not being aware of the requirements that require the ability to compete in race vehicles. The company won’t choose to employ someone who is not well-versed in the needs of the position.

The jobs in investment banking are well-known for their long working hours that can be anywhere from up to 90-80 hours each week. In the field, employees often work on national and bank holidays. If you’re not committed to these hours, you’re not doing the right thing by applying for an investment bank job.

Question 2 not knowing about the company

Companies be spending a lot of time asking questions to find out whether or not your persona will fit into the corporate culture of the company. You can prepare yourself to answer these questions by doing thorough study on the business. The research can be conducted by studying annual reports of companies news releases, press releases, as well as the most recent articles in magazines and newspapers about the company. If you don’t spend the time to study the company the interviewer will conclude that you aren’t really interested in the job, and you’ll be passed by the interviewer when deciding whether to offer the position.

If you’ve done the necessary preparation to understand the company then you ought to be able to answer the basic questions. It is possible to be asked to identify the CEO and President of the business. This is an easy query, but you’ll be amazed by the number of people who cannot respond to the query. Another possible question is to explain the latest product launched by the company. If you’re not able to answer the most basic questions regarding the business, you may not be considered for the job.

3rd question: you don’t have any questions for the interviewer

After each interview, the person conducting the interview will inquire if you have any questions that you’d wish to discuss. This lets you pose pertinent questions in order to show your interest in the job and to demonstrate that you’re familiar with the specific requirements of the job. The interviewer also gets to assess the level of preparation you’ve made in advance for an interview. What you say to this question is the final thing an interviewer will recall about you. Failure to answer this question correctly could cost you your chances of getting hired by this company.

You must always have three or four questions in mind to ask during the interview. If you don’t ask any questions, it creates a negative impression about your interviewer. Your interview could be very successful until this point but you may be able to ruin the success in the event that you fail to ask questions or asking the wrong questions. Don’t ask questions about the salary or benefits, or vacation time during the interview. If you seem to be more focused on money than the job, the company is unlikely to choose to hire you.

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