10 Top Uses For Excel in an Auto Shop

10 Top Uses For Excel In An Auto Shop

The most used spreadsheet on the planet appears in a variety of settings that it’s easy to overlook how significant it has an impact on an organization. It goes beyond simply tracking your bottom line, even simple business such as an auto shop could find many applications for Microsoft Excel.

The bottom line:

It’s real! You can use Excel to use by providing Excel your income and outgo , and then having it track your earnings over time.

Invoice and Inventory:

With just a touch of whimsy, Excel can not only keep track of the amount of stock you need however, it will also send you an alert if you run out of one particular item and make ordering simple.

Scheduling the schedule:

Naturally, Excel could be utilized to display graphically the times an employee is in the office and help you ensure that the required coverage is in place.

Customer Tracking

A few businesses require tracking clients more precisely over a longer duration than an automobile shop. Excel gives you the ability to accomplish this. With the help of an application form for entry that collects the required information, and saves it in a separate spreadsheet, you are able to keep track of hundreds of customers and their vehicles for several months or years.


Due to an automobile shop’s unique requirements in terms of dissolving the cost of parts, labor, taxes and other expenses, Excel makes for an ideal receipt-making tool.

For Invoicing

In terms of template templates Excel has numerous templates for invoices -including laundry services to pay for work-related eats.

Develop Recommendations

If you want to put them on receipts, or the work order, Excel’s capacity to incorporate drop-down menus into the cell makes it simple for your employees to choose an additional element of maintenance that a client’s vehicle might require.

Create Service Records

These same menus which allow you to provide maintenance tips can be used to create standard history of service that is simple to understand and use.

Work Orders

An easy Excel template allows you to design standard and simple-to-read job orders which are printed out, altered and saved in a snap.

Client Reminders

This is an excellent idea. Excel is able to be programed so that it sends an Email when a cell goes above a certain threshold which is why, for oil change tasks which should be performed every couple of months, you can get customers’ Email address and let Excel make use of the address to email them a friendly Email in the months following when they’ve had their oil changed the last time!

The capabilities that Excel can provide your auto shop go beyond simply watching profits that, if you’re not using it to perform more sophisticated features, you’re losing. Spread it’s wings! Set up some alarms that are automatic to monitor your inventory, and set some automated email messages to your customers. Also, discover what Excel can accomplish for you!

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