10 Office Products Every Company Needs

10 Office Products Every Company Needs

Are you equipped with the appropriate stationery and office supplies to build a productive and productive workplace? If not, it’s time to switch suppliers and compile the list of all you’ll require.

For help getting you going Here are 10 things each office needs:

1) Pens

The mystery of missing pen is likely to never be solved, which is why it’s essential to have an abundance of markers, biros and highlighters so that you always have one on hand when you require it.

2.) Planners and diaries

While some prefer keeping their diaries online but many prefer the traditional hard copy version. By providing enough diaries, you can ensure that your employees adhere to deadlines and arrive at the place they are required to be, and keep all their contact information in one spot.

3.) Use Post It notes

If your employees are struggling with an information overload and require useful reminders then the post it note is likely to be the most important stationery purchase you can make. Beware though, as they are prone to being a nuisance to offices and desks!

4) Staplers

Be sure to have plenty of staplers. Employees are extremely discerning about staplers, particularly when they borrow them and do not return them. However, they are extremely helpful for making memos and documents bindable.

5) Envelopes

Every office will at some point have to mail out packages and letters. A large supply of the correct size and kind of envelopes to accommodate the kind of things you’re sending out are crucial.

6) Paper

From printer paper photocopier, fax machine or printer to flip charts and whiteboard papers, you’ll need determine how much you use in an agreed time period and then place your order.

7) Notepads

The paper requirements don’t stop with those mentioned previously mentioned. If your employees have to keep notes during the course of their jobs or take notes at meetings, then you’ll require a large supply of writing pads and notepads within the stationery cabinet.

8.) Shredder for paper

The confidential documents or any not needed client information could require disposal and the most secure option is to do it with shredders made of paper. It is possible to erase older credit cards.

9) Tape that sticks

It might not be suitable used every day however the availability of Sellotape is extremely useful more often than you think.

10) Folders and files

Computers have certainly reduced in the quantity of papers kept in offices, however backups made with hard copies and easily accessible folders, like arch-level files, remain extremely valuable.

Make an inventory of the office supplies and stationery you’ll require and then find an established company to make sure you are stocked.

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