10 Benefits of Blogging

10 Benefits Of Blogging

It’s been a while since I last posted. Too long. At the moment, there are more than 160,000,000 blogs online. This is 160 MILLION blogs competing for your attention on the vast web of the t’internet. Why have I let mine go? While I can only say that I was too busy, is that sufficient to excuse me? It’s not, considering the many benefits of blogging.

What are the benefits to blogging? Here are my top ten.

Increases search engine rankings

Do you want to appear high in Google search results? Then blog. Google and other search engines are attracted to dynamic, constantly changing content. A blog is the perfect solution. Make sure your blog is relevant to your business. If this is what your ideal client will be searching for, it will show up in their search results.

Attract new customers and retain existing visitors

As stated in number 1, updating content will attract new visitors and keep existing visitors coming back. If you play your cards well, this will result in new clients/customers.

Become an expert

Blog posts that answer common questions and solve problems will establish you as an expert and “go-to” person in the field. Find out the problems that your customers face and write a detailed blog post to help them.

Form a group of loyal ambassadors

When people realize that you offer a timely and helpful blog, they will build an army of followers who are eager to read each issue and willing to recommend your blog to their friends/network.

Highlight a product/service

You can use a blog to describe your product or service. Share it with your network to get them to spread word.

Get instant feedback

A comment section should be a part of every blog. Your readers can leave comments about you, your writing, and/or your product/service. This allows you to make quick and appropriate changes.

Collect emails

You can also use the comments section to collect emails. However, you should warn others if you plan on using them in this manner. These can be added to your mailing list to offer additional products/services.

Learn lots

It is a great way to learn more about topics for blog posts. To write, one must read. To learn is to read.

Broaden your network

Your network will be enriched if you ask for guest posts/bloggers. You will find people and businesses with similar interests as you. What are the possibilities for collaboration? What is their business like?

Enhance your writing

Although blogging is difficult, it can be done. It’s not hard to be honest.

When was the last time that you blogged?

Nicola Burt Skinner owns NBS Admin Assist

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